Dipper Network mainnet mapping announcement

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1 min readDec 15, 2020


Dear friends:

I am very happy to tell you that after a short trial run, the mainnet Mercury’s indicators are all normal. We think it is time to start the mainnet mapping (cross-chain).

We implemented the mapping together with our exchange partners and prepared detailed mapping documents. You can complete the operation directly according to the document, and a more concise one-click mapping page is coming soon.

This week, we released Dipper Wallet (iOS, Android) as the entrance to the DIP network. You can use it to generate the main network address for mapping. During the mapping process, if you encounter any problems, please give us feedback in time through the channels below the article.

After the exchange partners have completed the mapping, the original DIP (ERC20) has completed its mission. We will close the DIP-ETH fund pool in Uniswap at 20:00 on December 20, Beijing time. When Dipper’s cross-chain bridge Dimension gate is online, a new DIP (ERC20) will cross-chain from the Dipper network.

We continue to implement the lock-up plan on the main network. The current lock-up accounts are as follows. Welcome everyone to supervise. We will transition to the use of smart contracts to perform lock-up as soon as possible. Thank you again for your concern and support.

Ecological construction: dip1yacfmtkk46qlgz03v4d9dlml7jdtfxsyhcvws0

Team : dip1gh36wqvp8lw980wetptw55g78lj0ywutrmvzj8

Partner: dip13fp2e9rrwjwq90g2gc7jkwc3r59w7fcvufsmtz

Foundation: dip1k2zqel4akv6cm23ks8cj25epusv9d5xzttmqfg


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