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Dipper Network
3 min readOct 21, 2020

Advantages of Dipper Network

1. High performance underlying chain

2. operation across chains

3. unlimited fount of liquidity

4. A sound financial agreement

5. Complete risk management

6. An economic model of security

DIP’s economic model

In Dipper Network platform, the original token is the centre of the economic model, whose functions are following:

1) It is the medium of exchange and works as a transaction fee.

2) It is the stored value asset which is used to preserve value.

3) It is the certificate of interests which helps the governance of the network.

4) It is the system resources,which reflects the storage.

5) It is security mechanism, which can be pledged to maintain the security of system.

Dipper Network will provide with financial services of little friction, profits yielded by financial agreement as well as part of the ecological construction fund to constitute a risk capital pool, ensuring the overall system security.

DIP is currently an ERC20 card, a deflationary model that maps to the primary token of the main network after the official Dipper Network online. After the start of the main network,we will start the node staking. According to the consensus algorithm design, this system will dynamically adjust the mechanism of node mining, and then the DIP for staking will account for more than 66% of the circulating flux. The basic financial agreement of the system can be classified into mortgage and transaction. Among the mortgage agreements, DIPBank provides the loan mode of time and demand, DIPSYN the synthesis of various assets, and DIPUSD the US dollar stabilized currency. These three agreements will mortgage a certain proportion of DIP.As for Transaction-based agreements, DIPDEX offers Token trading, DIPDER for financial derivatives, and DIPINS insurance services. All these will expand the use scenario of DIP as a fee.As for Transaction-based agreements, DIPDEX offers Token trading, DIPDER for financial derivatives, and DIPINS insurance services. All these will expand the use scenario of DIP as a fee.

The ecological construction of Dipper Network

First step: Construct the basic medium for transaction through DIPUSD and DIPSYN and DIPDEX provides liquidity demand, thus forming an endogenous cycle.

Second step:DIPBank and DIPDER provide rich usage scenarios to fully amplify the time value and liquidity value of assets.

Third step:By deploying a variety of cross-chain schemes, assets in the network can freely flow to Dipper Network, enjoy a variety of financial services, and the network effect of the whole blockchain will be enhanced.

Through this, the economic ecology of Dipper network will be enhanced in a healthy way. DIP would be applied in a large number of scenarios, making Its value extended beyond the main network, and DIP circulation in a lower range, which will further enhance the characteristics of DIP as a stored-value asset.

The DIP allocation plan

DIP release period

Ipo price: 0.02 U

Amount in circulation: 1%

Initial flux: 6%

About the Dipper network

Dipper Network is a decentralized financial Network, which aims at building a cross-chain ecological financial center through the construction of sound basic financial agreements. It is launched in September 2019 by Dipper Labs. The core team members include Huang Zhiyong (Co-founder, former chief researcher of Gongxinbao), Luo Tiangjia (CTO, former technology expert of Huawei), Zhu Liting (blockchain technology consultant, former chief architect of Gongxinbao), Joy (COO, operating director of internationally renowned educational institutions).

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Dipper Network

A complete basic financial agreement with the combination of cross-chain and open finance (DeFi), it is constructed to create a cross-chain financial center