Dipper Network’s announcement on the release of locked positions

Dipper Network
1 min readDec 29, 2020


Dear Dippers:

In the past year, Dipper Labs has focused on the research and development of mainnet, cross-chain and basic financial protocols. The main progress at present includes: 1) The main network is officially launched, running smoothly for one month and the main network mapping is completed; 2) The Dipper Wallet is online and the bounty program is launched; 3) The node staking is started simultaneously, and the current annualized rate of return is as high as 100 % Above, the pledge rate has risen steadily; 4) The development of cross-chain bridge (DG) and DIPSwap is coming to an end and will be released at an appropriate time.

Time flies, unknowingly, it has reached the agreed time. Following the lock-up announcement issued earlier, combined with the development of the project, this time only the lock-up share of the team in the first phase will be released. We have performed relevant operations today:
15,000,000 DIP (10% of the total amount locked by the team: mainnet locked account

Dipper Network will continue to strictly implement the preset lock-up plan, and disclose the DIP lock-up information and usage status of the main network. The community, colleagues and friends who are concerned about the development of DIP are welcome to supervise. Once again, I sincerely thank you all for your long-term attention and support .

Attached DIP mainnet lock account information:



Dipper Network

A complete basic financial agreement with the combination of cross-chain and open finance (DeFi), it is constructed to create a cross-chain financial center