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2 min readNov 5, 2020

Since the establishment of Dipper Labs in 2019, we have completed the design and verification of Dipper Network and have continued to develop and test for up to 70 weeks: DIP’s test network has gone through several large-scale iterations until Spacesport (test network) 4.0) Gradually stabilize. Since the test network went live, DIP has undergone more than eight months of comprehensive testing in a real network environment. At the same time, we launched a bug bounty program and joined the security audit team to strictly examine the DIP code and solve the problems found in the process. After careful evaluation, we believe that DIP has completed the planned design goals and has the functionality and stability required by the main network.

We have completed the preparations required for the mainnet launch, and the first version of the mainnet Mercury is expected to go live on November 7, 2020.

In the past few months, Open Finance (DeFi) has experienced huge ups and downs, but DIP is committed to building an open financial center and realizing the vision of truly inclusive finance has not changed. Along the way, we have gained more and more attention and recognition, and DIP will work with partners to move forward resolutely.

As the underlying platform of the open financial protocol, blockchain provides many excellent features: security, transparency, and no barriers. Among the underlying factors that support these characteristics, the degree of decentralization of the platform is particularly critical. We are well aware of the great significance of decentralization to the public chain. DIP will achieve decentralization as much as possible. We will minimize the threshold for participation. Friends from all fields are welcome to participate in the construction of DIP’s main network to form a connection between all networks, The network of the present and the future.

After the launch of the DIP mainnet, it will be a completely decentralized and community-driven network. We think that Mercury is a small step of DIP. It will continue to build consensus and strive to become a big step for mankind to explore in the financial field. Thank you all for your continued support, attention and waiting.

For information about mainnet mapping and other information, please continue to pay attention to our announcement.

Mainnet participating address: https://docs.dippernetwork.com/get-started/how-to-join-mainnet.html



Dipper Network

A complete basic financial agreement with the combination of cross-chain and open finance (DeFi), it is constructed to create a cross-chain financial center